My name is Annette Eglen, a qualified Coach and Mentor who helps clients to be happier and more fulfilled in their professional and personal lives. I have over 25 years experience in learning and development and a Masters in Human Resources Development. I am also an NLP Practitioner and a Results Coach trained by Results Coaching Systems.

My working life has included sports coaching, corporate HR, training and development, employee coaching and career coaching.  During my journey I've learnt that self esteem and well-being have a significant impact on the success of career paths and happier lifestyles. I also passionately believe that a combination of coaching and mentoring is the most effective way of enhancing self awareness and self esteem.

Everyone has unique strengths and abilities that we are definitely meant to use in our professional and personal lives. Some of us find this easier to do than others. A lot of us doubt ourselves and find the world a difficult and stressful place to confidently demonstrate those abilities.


Each client's situation is totally unique. My strengths focus on building trust and a safe environment to understand the dilemma and barriers to success. I then positively support individuals to see other perspectives and widen their thinking to find the right way forwards.

If you need help please contact me. Everyone should have the opportunity to be happy and effective in their personal and professional lives. I can and want to  help you do that.

one to one

A tailored approach. I currently charge a standard rate of £50 a session.


I value what I do but want to reach those who need my help so I have different approaches to payment, depending on circumstances.


A specific coaching and mentoring plan can focus on any of the following:

  • Job health and workplace mentoring

  • Strengths and career assessments

  • Work-Life balance

  • CVs, Applications Forms and Cover Letters

  • Job interview skills

  • Job search mentoring

  • Wellbeing mentoring


A group approach mainly designed to share expertise, resources and cost.


Group sessions can be requested or experienced at organised workshops.


I will be facilitating workshops in 2019 for those living in the South East. Details  will be posted on the Events Page throughout the rest of 2019. The following are planned to take place soon:

  • Age 50+

  • Work-Life  Balance

  • Effective Job Performance

  • Wellbeing

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon

Annette Eglen

Tel no: 07976 649470

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